Our Trails

The Kaslo Trailblazers Society was formed in 2005 by a local group of enthusiastic hikers dedicated to making our wilderness accessible to everyone.  They envisioned the ambitious Kaslo River Trail loop starting just a few blocks from the heart of Kaslo with a wheelchair-friendly section, interpretive signs, a map and 2 pedestrian bridges to overlook the spectacular Kaslo River.

Kaslo River Trail and Kaslo Trailblazers Bridge

Kaslo Trailblazers Bridge in winter
Opened in 2008, the Kaslo River Trail is a favourite hiking spot for residents and tourists.  With the overwhelming support of the community and visitors, the Kaslo Trailblazers have created a trail system that includes a covered pedestrian bridge with spectacular views over the Kaslo river, a maintained hiking trail for 1.4 km on the south side of the river, and a wheelchair friendly trail for 1.2 km on the north side of the river.  We are currently extending the south trail west toward Sandon with the long term goal of joining trails built and maintained by the Kaslo to Sandon Rails to Trails Society.  The south trail also connects to the Kaslo airport and existing trails at the True Blue Recreation Area. 

Unfortunately the east end of the idyllic south trail currently ends abruptly beside a public works yard and leaves the trail user to return to town either via the highway or back the way they came.  The Trailblazers are now working hard to fundraise money for the second pedestrian bridge and close the Kaslo River Trail loop.

Lakeview Trail

View of Kootenay Lake from Lakeview Trail
The 5 km Lakeview Trail, when completed, will be wheelchair-friendly and wrap around lower Kaslo along beautiful Kootenay Lake from the Highway 31 bridge on the south edge of town to Kaslo Bay Marina on the north edge.

Portions of this trail are already in place but the Trailblazers continue to fill in the gaps and widen and level existing sections.  We especially look forward to completing the challenging but spectacular portion along Water Street beside the Village core.