Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Still looking for a couple of volunteers please


We looking for one or possibly two individuals who could help out by Chairing the membership function and/or the highway welcome signs display function. Please contact Val Koenig for complete details and guidance at 250-353-2168.

Membership……~10 hours per year. ~ 5 hours in the spring to set up and balance the cash for a 5 day drive at the Kaslo Credit Union. We have lots of support of this one with each volunteer taking a 2 or 3 hour shift. Another ~5 hours throughout the year to have someone at some selected functions.

Welcome to Kaslo Highway advertising signage…….Once a year at the beginning of June deliver invoices to various businesses to remind them that their rent is due by July 1st for the advertising signs on the two locations coming into Kaslo. Offer any blank spots to other businesses if available. This position can take anywhere from ~3-10 hours per year.

As you can see neither one takes up a huge amount of time but together we take in ~$3,000/year so they are very important functions. Val will work with whomever steps up to ensure a smooth transition.

If you can HELP please call Val direct at 250–353-2168.

Stu Heard, Secretary